Rabia Rabia.

It started with a little illustration, and it just wanted to be animated. I'll probably make a series out of it :).
© Guillaume Choinière

Development art for a short movie :)
© Guillaume Choinière


Here's a 3D assignement I did last semester, like I 
had not enough work with my short movie...
© Guillaume Choinière


  Visual development for my short film ''Carrera''.
© Guillaume Choinière 

Parásito - In Progress

In progress of '' Parásito'', my next animation short.
© Guillaume Choinière


Cara from Guillaume Choinière on Vimeo.
Animation Test did on Adobe Flash to explore
the vector shapes's limits compared to draw on
the wacom tablet.
© Guillaume Choinière


A small animation did on Adobe Flash to Push further a run cycle exercise, BAM!
© Guillaume Choinière